Project information

CO2Bio P2-2

Project ID: BCR-CO-635-14-005
Project Name: CO2Bio P2-2
Project Participants: Private landowners and the Cataruben Foundation.
Certification Body: AENOR Confia S.A.U.
Methodology: BCR0002_Quantification of GHG Emission Reductions. REDD+ Projects and BCR0004_Quantification of GHG emission reductions. Activities that avoid Land Use change in continental wetlands
Quantification Period: 2018-01-15 to 2038-01-14
Verified GHG Emission Reductions or Removals: 804,951
Sector: Agriculture, forestry and other land uses (AFOLU)
Migrated from:
Country: Colombia


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The CO2Bio P2-2 Project reduces CO2 emissions by undertaking activities that mitigate deforestation and degradation of forests, as well as the conversion of natural wetlands on 124 private properties located in the departments of Arauca and Casanare. To achieve this goal, the Project supports comprehensive landscape actions, addressing land use change and implementing more sustainable practices in forest and wetland ecosystems. The socio-environmental impact resulting from the project activities will enable ecosystem managers to receive economic benefits, strengthening local governance, promoting sustainable rural development, and improving their quality of life in a region marked by agricultural expansion with industrial crops. The environmental, social, and economic impact is directed towards a total of 102,863 hectares, with accounting areas distributed over 10,532.3 hectares of forest and 50,352.8 hectares of wetlands. This project will reduce 2,752,176 tons CO2eq from 2018 to 2037